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Scent Trekker Ultrasonic Diffuser

Room Size: 300 sq. ft.

Type: ultrasonic

Light: yes, color

Run time: 6 hours/auto shut-off

Easy to Clean: yes

Warranty: 1 year

Scent Trekker Diffuser Appearance

We used the Scent Trekker on a recent road trip. It plugs in with a USB cable and sits in the cupholder. It’s about the same size as a can of soda and the top comes off so it’s easy to fill with water and clean. This version has a bamboo exterior and plastic interior.

Using Your Scent Trekker Diffuser

To use the Scent Trekker, fill it with tap water up to the indicated line. Add up to 5 drops of essential oil (we used 4 drops total).

To turn the diffuser on, push the button on the side of the diffuser. Push once to turn the diffuser on with the colored lights; push again to diffuse without lights. Push a third time to turn the diffuser off. It shuts off automatically when unplugged, when the car turns off, or when it runs out of water.

The Scent Trekker diffuser is easy to clean. Learn how to clean an ultrasonic diffuser here.

The only disadvantage I found with this diffuser is that it uses up one of your car’s cupholder spots. If you are on a family trip (as we were) and everyone brings a drink–someone is out of luck. However, the long runtime and good design outweigh that concern, especially for everyday driving.


The Scent Trekker is great for salespeople or commuters who spend a lot of time in their cars. The USB plug can be paired with a USB brick so the diffuser can be plugged in to a wall socket.

To buy this diffuser in bulk, contact Julie at Green Air: jbell [at]

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