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AromaLite Ultrasonic Diffuser

Room Size: 500 sq. ft.

Type: ultrasonic

Light: yes

Run time: 4 hours or 8 hours/auto shut-off

Easy to Clean: yes

Warranty: unknown

AromaLite Diffuser Appearance

The AromaLite diffuser is about the size of a large paperback book. It’s not fancy to look at, but it’s a workhorse and is great for large rooms.

Using Your AromaLite Diffuser

To use the AromaLite diffuser, remove the outer white cover and the purple top. Fill with tap water up to the line. Add 5-6 drops of oil and then replace the top and the cover.

Turn the AromaLite on by clicking the button on the right. Click once for 4 hours or twice for 8 hours. Use the button on the left to turn the light on/off. It shuts off automatically.

The AromaLite diffuser is a little hard to clean, because the chamber is small. You might need to have someome with little hands wipe out the chamber. Learn more about how to clean your diffuser.


Because the AromaLite runs for 8 hours, it’s my #1 choice for diffusing during sleep. I diffuse doTERRA’s respiratory blend, called Breathe, to relieve snoring. It helps tremendously.


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