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Misty Ultrasonic Diffuser

Room Size: car

Type: ultrasonic

Light: no

Run time: 30 second bursts/auto shut-off

Easy to Clean: no

Warranty: unknown

Misty Diffuser Appearance

The Misty diffuser is a small USB diffuser. It’s a little bit bigger than a USB drive and is made of plastic.

Using Your Misty Diffuser

To use the Misty diffuser, fill the chamber with a little bit of tap water (a squeeze bottle is included to help with this). Put 2-3 drops of oil in and then put the cap on the chamber. Be sure not to get any water in the spray area, or the diffuser will not work.

To turn the Misty on, choose one of the settings using the switch on the side. It will diffuse at 30 second, 60 second, or 90 second intervals. It shuts off automatically when unplugged or when the car turns off.

The Misty diffuser is not easy to clean, beause the chamber is very small. It could be cleaned using a cotton swab instead of the paper towel shown in this tutorial.


Because the Misty diffuser plugs in with USB, it could be used in a cubicle or office as a personal diffuser.