Quality is Critical

As with many products, essential oils are made in different grades, or levels of quality.

Synthetic oils or fragrance oils are the lowest quality and are typically used in lotions or perfumes. These are often sold at craft or health food stores.

Food grade oils are used to flavor things like cake mix, cereal, etc. An example of this is the lemon or orange flavoring sold at the grocery store.

Therapeutic grade oils are the highest grade and can be used aromatically (spread via air), topically (on the skin), or internally. I only use and recommend therapeutic grade oils. Learn about premium doTERRA essential oils here.

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There is no governing body regulating the quality of essential oils, so companies can make claims like “100% pure” or “natural” with few repercussions. There is no guarantee that these oils are pure. They may contain pesticide residues, solvents, contaminants or synthetic compounds (which are much cheaper to produce).

Therapeutic grade essential oils are tested by independent laboratories to ensure they are completely pure, and free of synthetics, contaminants, and pesticide residues. After meeting these stringent requirements, they are labeled safe by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for topical or internal use.

Essential Oil Safety

Essential oils are highly potent plant extracts, and should be used with care. They are safe and effective when used correctly, and it only takes a small amount to see powerful therapeutic benefits.

Diffuser Lady gives you honest essential oil diffuser reviews for every kind of diffuser for every room in your home.

Never apply essential oils directly to the eyes, in the ears, nose, or other sensitive areas. To dilute essential oils, apply coconut oil or another vegetable oil (not water).

It’s important to use only therapeutic quality essential oils, read all labels thoroughly, and use common sense.

Essential oil diffusers are electrical appliances and should not be used around water.

Parents: Therapeutic-quality oils are safe to use with children when highly diluted. When diffusing oils in a kids’ room, reduce the number of drops in the recipe and diffuse for a few minutes at a time.

Pet Owners: Animals’ sense of smell is so much more powerful than humans’. Because of this, they must be able to leave the room if a smell becomes overwhelming to them. Do not diffuse essential oils in a closed room that the animal cannot leave.

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